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Introduction to RingLead

RingLead is a SaaS application designed to enable sales and marketing to become efficient and productive.

As an introduction, below are a few items to get you ready for using our platform and understand how our tools help you reach your data goals.






Cleanse your database by removing costly duplicates or hundreds of custom object records while creating data records that are standardized and easily update with Cleanse. DeduplicationScan your database for duplicates based on specific criteria that you define. Once you've identified your duplicates, easily merge them saving you storage costs and time.

 Normalize / Segment

Standardize your addresses, websites, phone numbers, and more to keep data easy to navigate and search on

 Mass UpdateUpdate fields on custom and standard objects after filtering and defining your new values
 Mass DeleteClean out your Salesforce by deleting custom and standard objects
Prevent (Duplicate Prevention)

Protect your data at the perimeter by preventing duplicates from ever entering whether from upload lists, marketing automation, web forms, of ANY integration creating duplicates in Salesforce, including salespeople manually entering them. 

Standardize, normalize, segment are built-in. Enrichment (see below) can be connected to enrich at the perimeter.

 List Import

Prevent duplicates from file uploads with this feature.

 Web SubmissionPrevent duplicates from web forms with this feature.
 Unique EntryProtect your Salesforce data by preventing users from creating duplicate records in real-time
 Salesforce TriggersRingLead can prevent duplicate Leads and Contacts which are created by external systems.

Make the most out of the data you have and fill in the gaps where you don't. Company firmographics and contact data can be completed and updated with this tool.

Use your existing vendor, or let us help you find the best data from any vendor.

 Mass Enrich

Enrich records directly from any data vendor.

 Intelligent FormsAllow web form users to spend less time entering data with a RingLead powered address search right on your form
 API EnrichmentEnable expanded data such as addresses and company information to come in with your form submissions
 On-Demand EnrichmentEnrich data directly within your Salesforce Lead, Contact, and Account objects
 Outside Enrichment Vendor Enrich data using a data vendor outside of RingLead. 
 Package ManageHaving multiple vendors with multiple delivery mechanisms can be challenging and Package Management offers a way to consolidate these into an easy to use and codeless system.
RouteRingLead Intelligent Routing allows users to easily build customizable routing workflows and create round robin groups to assign incoming Leads and/or Contacts from web forms or list imports to the right Owner for sales or marketing to accurately engage.
  • New and Existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts can be Routed Accordingly

RingLead looks at four high-level conditions before routing to determine the appropriate workflow: Account match, Lead match, Contact match, and no match.
  • Accounts Based Routing with Multiple Owners

RingLead now includes Account routing which can be used with our Segment tool to route Accounts to the appropriate owners based upon region, territory, revenue, or any Salesforce data.

Account Based Selling requires complex routing often with multiple owners on a single Account. 

  • Route Any SF Object

Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases can already be routed. Any Salesforce standard or custom object will soon be available (coming soon)

  • Advanced Workflow Rules
RingLead rules engine enables you to define conditional logic on unlimited fields with various operators to route Leads to the right Salesforce user.
  • Round Robins with Weighted Round Robin
Configure round robin rules to assign leads to a specific group of users and prioritize to ensure the quality leads are evenly distributed.
  • Time Off and Working Hours
Easily configure unlimited time zone working hours and give user time off with a "backup owner" if the owner is specifically routed in a workflow (not just in a Round Robin).
CaptureLead generation made simple for those browsing the web. This is the best Chrome Extension for sales. Easily capture websites, searches, and more to bring back valuable person and company data for generating leads and export into platforms such as Salesforce, Zoho, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

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