Marketo Web Submission

About RingLead Integration with Marketo

Duplicate records can cause major problems for marketing and sales. When a person submits a Marketo form or is imported into Marketo, if there is an existing person with the same email address, Marketo will update the existing person record rather than creating a new duplicate lead.  However, if the person has a different email address (e.g. personal vs. business), Marketo will create a new person.  In addition, Marketo does not prevent new records created by Salesforce or an API integration from creating a duplicate of an existing record with the same email address. RingLead prevents duplicate persons from being created in Marketo when they have different email addresses and when they are created by Salesforce or an API integration.  RingLead can also link a new Marketo person to an existing Salesforce Account which is important for Account-Based Marketing (ABM). 

New Contacts vs. ABM

RingLead can be configured to convert a Salesforce Lead to a new Salesforce Contact. See Section 9 below "(Optional) Setup for Linking a New Lead to a Matched Account"

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